Welcome to the San Fernando Valley Bromeliad Society website.  We would like to cordially invite you to our next monthly meeting.  We meet the first Saturday of the month.  Our meetings and Show and Sale are  at the Sepulveda Garden Center. 16633 Magnolia Blvd Encino, CA  91436

                           NEXT Event - June 30, 2024 Special Event for Members
     NEXT Meeting - July 6, 2024  Bryan Chan

Photo Gallery
Some of our recent photos from our meetings!

Membership Dues
Pay at the meeting 
or send to:

San Fernando Valley Bromeliad Society  
Membership Chair
PO Box 16561
Encino, CA  91416-6561

2024 Membership Dues
 $20.00 for single or family membership
We hope to see all members, and welcome visitors and the general public, at our monthly . meeting on the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 am. Our meetings follow the same general schedule described below.  More information about the next meeting can be found in the current newsletter.    

10:00 - Door Prize – one member who arrives before 10:00 gets a Bromeliad
10:05 - Welcome Visitors and New Members. Announcements and Speaker Introduction.
10:15 –Speaker presentation:  We try to provide a wide variety of Bromeliad related programs throughout the year. These cover different types of Bromeliads, cultivation tips and techniques and lots of pictures of Bromeliads and other plants growing in both habitat and in cultivation.  Speakers usually bring plants for sale - a fantastic opportunity to add to your collection.  Some of our past speakers:

Pamela Koide-Hyatt, owner of Bird Rock Tropicals, has traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Central and South America in search of Tillandsias;  

Woody Minnich, owner of Cactus Data Plants, has travelled extensively throughout Mexico and S. America 

Guillermo RIvera, owner of South American Nature Tours, leads trips throughout South America to see Bromeliads, cactus and other succulents.

Andy Siekkinen has been exploring Mexico for the past decade searching for Bromeliads in habitat. 
11:15 - Refreshment Break and Show and Tell:   
11:30 - For Show and Tell is our educational part of the meeting – Members are encouraged to please bring one or more plants. 
11:45 – Mini Auction: members can donate plants for auction, or can get 75% of proceeds, with the remainder to the Club. 
12:00 – Raffle: Almost everyone comes home with new treasures! 
12:15 - Pick Up around your area 
12:30 –/ Meeting is over—Drive safely  

That is a hard question!  Basically it is a diverse plant family that is found throughout South, Central and southern North America.  The most well known are the so-called airplants that don't need to be potted.  Different kinds can grow in a wide variety of climates.  Many can be grown indoors!  Click on the pictures to get a sense of the many kinds you can grow.  Click here to learn more.